Imps v Stratford Avonsiders

The Pidgeons' return to Swan's Nest Lane proved successful in every way other than the final result, as the Avonsiders won a thrilling 40 over match by three wickets thanks to a streaky last ball boundary.

Mark and Ant Pidgeon's homing instinct saw them play starring roles with bat and ball, on their return to the scene of many former triumphs.

Mark batted through the Imps' 169 for three for an unbeaten 95, then bowled eight tidy overs, taking one for 31, while Ant's excellent spell of off spin, which claimed two for 27, pulled the Imps back into a game that looked lost.

But it was another familiar face, albeit in an unfamiliar role, whose contribution ultimately tipped the scales in the home side's favour.

Mark "The Destroyer" Wolstenholme, made a cultured 56 at the top of the Avonsiders' order, adding 95 for the first wicket with Rupert Cross, who proved a point following his Thursday night transfer from the Imps, for a pint of lager and first choice from the cake plate at tea time!

Although the Pidgeons, Dan Wood and Will Noble all took wickets, a rapid 27 from Avonsiders skipper Razor Russell, meant the Imps never completely wrestled the initiative from his team.

The Avonsiders needed 25 from three overs, which came down to 11 off Will Noble's final over, and three from the last ball.

Marney's thin edge found the boundary almost directly behind keeper Fred Rex, to bring an exciting win for the Avonsiders.

Earlier the Imps struggled to accelerate against a fine spell from the home spinners, 73 years young Mike Perkins (two for 16),and Hughes (none for 25).

It wasn't until Simon Gear (31*) joined Mark Pidgeon, that the return of the seamers allowed the run rate to go above three an over, with 60 coming from the final seven overs.

A fine start to the season, and to Imps Sunday cricket.